Eli Halili travels the world collecting treasures of ancient elements, rare coins, precious and semiprecious stones, which he then carefully integrates into handmade pieces of stunning jewelry.

Carefully chosen stones, such as tourmaline, amber, aquamarine, ruby, sapphire and diamond, individually or missed, are presented with a unique imprint of the raw material with clean lines, resulting in exclusive works of art. The jewelry has its own character and a filigree appearance at the same time. It is the ultimate design for the urban man and woman with high appreciation for craftsmanship and quality.

Some pieces date back to ancient Jewish, Roman, Byzantine, Islamic and even Mesopotamian periods, offering unparalleled experience of wearing history. To engulf that in beauty, elements are combined with mostly 22- and 24-Karat gold, enhancing its appearance and giving the past an astounding frame in which to last forever.