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Given the winter’s crazy cold, it was hardly surprising to see men layering black sports tights under shorts for their workouts and outdoor runs — sensible, even. What was more of a shock was to see some of those men take the look out of the gym, incorporating it into their daily street wear.

Eli Halili, a 34-year-old jewelry designer in Manhattan, wears Adidas running tights at the gym. But his commitment to the look — what he calls “meggings,” as in “man leggings” — is such that he also has a thicker-ply version from the Norwegian ski wear label KJUS for everyday wear.

“They’re comfortable and fashionable, but you don’t feel like you’re too overdressed,” Mr. Halili said.

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The tights-and-shorts look isn’t just for a workout anymore, with styles from Public School, left, and Givenchy, middle. Credit NOWFASHION; Lee Oliveira; Marcy Swingle/Gastro Chic

31 Mar

Our Creative Designer, Eli Halili, told us about his morning rituals.

“There is so much beauty in getting up early and experience this busy city in a complete different manner. I love to take my dog for walk, have a calm cup of freshly grained coffee, and appreciate the day for a while.

A fresh bouquet of flowers from the Union Square market always makes the difference, but also Yoga and some sports release tension. I burn candles and scents, and of course have lots of gem stones at home as well. Creating great energy at home is important for my designs and visual inspirations, it’s a life style.”

30 Mar

Eli recommends…

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At the Israel Museum‘s new restaurant, Modern, you can eat dishes inspired by the paintings of Jackson Pollock and Paul Cézanne.

Image: Jackson Pollock-inspired Chicken Kadaif at the Israel Museum’s Modern restaurant. (Afik Gabay)

23 Mar


Spring is here, and we fell in love with the combination of gold and violet. Surrounded by the most beautiful spring blossoms, one immediately wants to translate these fresh feelings to wardrobe and accessories. Violet is a cool color and perfectly balances the warm hues of the high-karat Eli Halili gold pieces.


Images: Ilse Leenders and Maurits Gisen, Karl Morrall & Sam Bennett by Paolo Zerbini for Metal Magazine, MAC S/S ‘08