24 Aug

Jessica Wohl is a Tennessee-based trained illustrator, who is now working in the fields of drawing, painting, collage, installation and performance. Her work evolves around the concept of home and it’s residents. She proves that looks can be deceiving with the use of drawing and sewing on family based imagery and by that disorders these representations of domestic perfection and happiness.

Stone patina meets art patina. The gold gives the gem a secure frame and enhances its appearance.

Jessica Wohl

In her series „Sewn Drawing“ she takes on embroidery to mask the characters on found photographs and digital prints and uses sewing to embody the metaphor of the human need to „keep it together“ and prevent life from „ripping apart at the seams“. More on IGNANT

14 Aug

Who says you can’t find true love in New York? New York’s highly revered designer duo, Carl and Iris Apfel, have been married for 68 years this year – and Carl just celebrated his 100th birthday yesterday! These two are a true New York legacy.

Via Patrick McMullan, Photo – Clint Spaulding/PatrickMcMullan.com

This bracelet is our suggestion for Carl – Iris will love it for her next birthday! She always incorporates a spark of orange and therefore officially made it the color of youth.