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Who says you can’t find true love in New York? New York’s highly revered designer duo, Carl and Iris Apfel, have been married for 68 years this year – and Carl just celebrated his 100th birthday yesterday! These two are a true New York legacy.

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This bracelet is our suggestion for Carl – Iris will love it for her next birthday! She always incorporates a spark of orange and therefore officially made it the color of youth. 

New York Jewelry Shop Honors Slain IDF Soldiers


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Eli Halili is a New York jewelry designer hoping to extend his impact beyond sparkling accessories.

After realizing that the location of his Mott Street boutique in New York City’s trendy NoLiTa neighborhood provided the opportunity to reach a wide audience of passersby, Halili decided two weeks ago to bring attention to the conflict in Gaza by painting the shop’s front window with a list of the names of the Israeli soldiers killed in the conflict. The names, which now cover the bulk of the storefront, are accompanied by the message, “We pray for peace in the Middle East!”

Halili, who was born and raised in Israel and moved to the U.S. after completing his IDF service, hopes the display, which he created with co-designer Gary Samuelian, offers the respect the fallen soldiers deserve. “Each and every single one of them represents a name, a person, a human being that I know personally did not want to go into war and did not want to get killed or kill others,” Halili said of the list to Tablet Magazine.

“I felt that people should actually take action this time and do something, because people are being killed for no reason on both sides,” Halili said to Tablet Magazine.

Halili hopes that the somber list will inspire shoppers in the neighborhood to look beyond their own everyday lives and to pay more attention to the larger world. “I feel that people here just go out and hang out and do things during the day and they don’t necessarily think about what other people go through during their daily lives,” Halili said to Tablet Magazine. “You don’t just walk the street in New York and go shop. You have to realize that something’s happening somewhere and we have to do something about it.”

Halili noted that the reaction to the display has been largely positive. Halili said to Tablet Magazine, “People were passing by, taking photos, sending kisses by the window, clapping. There’s been a really good response.”

However, with respect to being a call to action, Halili’s display has mostly inspired passersby to share photos of the shop window on social media—which Halili optimistically described as “one of the best tools these days.”

“Even if I affected 10 people just walking by the street and taking a photo and posting it, I did something,” Halili said to Tablet Magazine.

The display also sparked some more personal connections as well. Halili said to Tablet Magazine that in the past two weeks, “Israelis came by and they felt as if they recognized a place where they feel at home.”

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We are simply in love with this juxtaposition of ancient stone materials.

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